A Cruise Holidays of Topeka group escorted by Emma Warren. Here are some highlights of the tour:

The Adventurous Group from Cruise Holidays of Topeka

On a Partial Transit of the Panama Canal

It’s a tight squeeze – a freighter in a lock on the canal.

We observed an old friend from an Alaska cruise – HAL’s MS Zuiderdam

It may not be pretty but it’s strong – a bridge near the Gamboa Rainforest Resort carries vehicles one side, trains on the other.

Our view of the rainforest from the Gamboa Rainforest Resort

We visited the Embera Tribe. First we travelled by bus then by dugout canoe to reach our destination. That’s me, Emma, waving. This was the highlight of many highlights on this tour.

Our entertainment at the Embera Village

Our guide, Patrick. We can’t say enough about him – he was marvellous, and we will request him again next time

A boat trip on Gatun Lake, which is an “artificial” lake made for the Canal, gave great opportunities to watch and photograph wildlife.

Here we are having breakfast at the Marriott in Playa Blanca.

Caught admiring the view from our balcony at Los Mandarinos Hotel.

Enjoying our first meal of the day al fresco

And lunch ( steak !) at Bucaneros Tavernos in Panama City.

If you think this looks like a vacation you would enjoy, either the destination or a group tour or cruise to an exciting locale, contact Emma, or anyone of the other knowledgeable professionals, at Cruise Holidays of Topeka. They specialize in group travels just like this one.

Article compiled by D. MacIntyre of compassmedia.us from an interview with Emma Warren of Cruise Holidays of Topeka, and submitted photographs from the group – thanks everyone!


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